A Decade of Storytelling.

Issima celebrated our 10th year in business at the end of 2018.  Recently, I joked with a friend about how quickly time flies when you live deadline to deadline, but truly, the past decade has been expansive and magical beyond what I could have dreamed. While the paths of communication continue to shift, the dynamic role of a publicist remains an amalgamation of writer, therapist, detective and salesperson rolled into a problem-solver with a strategic business acumen.

In the 2000’s, while Issima was just beginning to bring new businesses to market, pivot startups, brand and rebrand new and not-so-new companies, so much was shifting in the world around us.  When I started my company in 2009, Facebook still had the word “the” in front of it, everyone had Blackberry’s, and Pinterest-ers of today were still cutting and pasting vision boards from glossy magazines.  From signing formal pitch letters by hand to faxing them over, then emailing them in and now pitching them to writers via text or Facebook, we are definitely living “in real time.”  And in our time, we’ve developed new stories and countless angles, and connected people who helped one another along the way.   

So many once in a lifetime experiences have been brought to life.  The finest wine regions explored by word and then by drone; the unmatched hospitality of opulent hotels swapped out for less pricey Airbnb’s.  But the decadent culinary journeys through France, Italy, Mexico and beyond to the local kitchens of Sonoma Valley and St. Augustine Florida never cease to deliver the flavor that fuel our creative writing engine.  We love our work, taste it, wear it, move through it, every day. Most of all, we still love what we do, and I hope that never stops.

So, in celebration of our anniversary, you will notice that Issima has modernized our look, feel, and how do what we do.  We’ve re-launched our website, created a new logo, and added a few new offerings to the mix.  The constant drive to innovate, educate, entice, and influence has not waned.  In fact, a client mentioned to me recently how much he loved what I wrote for him and wondered why I so rarely sent a newsletter of my own.  I listened and thought about the cobbler and his need for new shoes.  Thanks to him, I am happy to unveil #inspo: the official newsletter of Issima!  And, dropping the PR out of our logo, animating it, and updating our website to boot. 

In closing, thank you to our clients for trusting us with your stories and allowing is to support your businesses.  To our media partners, bloggers, and influencers, we are ever grateful for your support and partnership.  To each of our fearless leaders, non-profits, and entrepreneurs, you inspire us each day.  We may never be able to cook like you, but thank goodness for meal delivery, chefs on demand and UberEats.  Here’s to another decade of fun and embarking upon the unknown and soon to be.